Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday's "Stop and Review"

Good Morning.  This Sunday we woke to cooler weather and rain.  Perfect ending, or start to the week depending on how you view your Sundays.

I like to think of them as both, the first part of the day is looking back and reviewing the week and all it had to offer.  Later in the day, I mean real late, after dinner and before bed, I like to take the time to layout a simple goal sheet of what I HOPE to get done, enjoy and experience for the upcoming week.

Since this is my first post I will tell you a little about myself and our life Down on the town.  Well how about we start with that silly title  "Down on the town", what does that mean?

Well the area I live in is not really country, it's not really city, truth be told it's not even really like a town but that is the closet it comes to a description.  We are kind of stuck in the middle of both country and city, but it's not really a little sappy suburbia area either, I don't know, it's just home.

We live in a modest 3 bedroom home on almost 3 acres of land.  The "we" being myself, my best friend and husband, and two wonderful little guys whom we are in the process of adopting, they have been with us 2 years now and it is getting harder and harder to remember our days of just "us", oh and of course our wonderful fat cat.

I stay at home to care for the boys and be annoyed by the cat, Dad works full time outside the home but is home before dinner and has 3 day weekends all the time so he is around a lot too.  I do have my nursing license but have not been employed outside the home since our little ones came to live with us.

Going from a kid free, double income home to  a single income, 4 person family and all the legal costs associated with the adoption has made us re-evaluate our lifestyle in a drastic way.  We have gone from going to Vegas several times a year to spending New Year's Eve at Chuckie Cheese, a disposable lifestyle to a sustainable lifestyle.

At first the thought of giving up an entire lifestyle was terrifying, but I soon found out it was only that initial "thought" of it, I have loved every minute of the change.  Now, honestly, some of the lessons along the way I didn't love so much, but they are lessons that got me to the point I am now and I wouldn't trade them for a trip to Vegas if you offered.

Rather than make this a book, I will throw some of those lessons in along with posts that they have relevance to along the way.

So back to the stop and review of the week - this week the weather was not the greatest for us.  Not that it was bad, but we are folks that do not like to be cold or even chilled, so even with all the wonderful sun shining during the week we were still chilled and it forced us to try to bring the outside inside for activities with the boys, some worked, some not so much.  I need to put that on my  "think of a solution" list, this is simply a notepad that I scratch on here and there, not a "to do" list, but something that I go to now and then and try to come up with a solution to be able to use later.  Looking ahead at the weather forecast, it looks like much of the same next week so tonight will be in thoughts of what we can do to keep active and warm at the same time.

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